Data Science

Parean biotechnologies guide every facets of your research program, from experimental design to the biomarker identification or patient stratification. Our expertise in immunology is an asset, to operate effectively on a global scale, and be sure that your results are biologically relevant.

Parean biotechnologies decipher information contained in immune system, at bulk or single cell level, speed up development and drive decision making in your research programs.

Parean biotechnologies develop tailored algorithm, integrating different types of data. Our expertise accelerates biomarker detection and validation, drives drug candidate discovery, and leverages your research programs.         

Clinical data


Data collected during a clinical trial are multiple and complex. Parean biotechnologies knows how valuable this datas are, and how the right analysis can lead to a successful research program.

Aligned with ICH, Parean biotechnologies designs and sets up statistical analysis plan, including data quality control, data transformation, data visualisation and statistical reports.



Transcriptome analysis help to create a global picture of cells function. It provides a snapshot of expressed genes under various conditions.

Parean biotechnologies uses in-house reliable pipelines to accurately identify transcriptional signature, differential gene expression, and functional profiling between experimental groups, in bulk or at the single cell level.

We analysis cells dynamics, and detect both known or novel features in a single assay, guiding drug repositioning or disease classification.


Immune repertoire

Adaptive immune recognition is mediated by BCR and TCR repertoire.

At Parean biotechnologies we master the novel computational and analytical approaches, which are transforming these complexe data into valuable results.

Based on our deep expertise in these fields, we investigate immune repertoire characteristics and specificities, in bulk or at the single cell level, to improve clinical applications in oncology, auto-immune diseases and infections.



The microbiome plays critical roles in training the immune system. Meanwhile the immune system orchestrates the maintenance of host-microbe symbiosis.

To investigate the causal role of microbiome in illnesses, drug resistance and to develop biomarkers, Parean biotechnologies deciphers the full microbial communities to determine species composition, diversity and characteristics.



To study complex biological system, such as the immune system, an integrative approache for multi-omics data is needed.

Integrative analysis offers a huge opportunity to identify reliable biomarkers based on data from molecular, cellular and clinical events.

Integration of multi-omics data sets, including transcriptomic, immune repertoire, single-cell, will support investigation on immune system cross-regulations.



Our extensive experience in computational biology, management of immune related data and tailored algorithms development, supports the transformation of your raw data into insightful biomarkers.

The identification of biomarkers for diagnostic and prognostic can be enhanced through the multi-omics data integration methods. These multi-omics data, combined with clinical observations, imaging and pathological data, are the starting point for federated biomarkers.

“Multi-omics is the only way forward”

 “We can’t study the effect of one gene at a time, we need to look at the aggregate of genes; moreover, we need more than one ‘omic-wide’ dataset to not miss something important.”

Cornelia van Duijn, at the University of Oxford, UK