Technological plateform

Parean biotechnologies relies on two interconnected departments: the Wet Lab and the Data Science.

We perform a fully integrated omics research program, including: biobanking, cytometry, cell sorting, NGS library generation, bioinformatic and biostatistics.

Our expertise, “end-to-end”, an one-stop shop, combining wet lab and computational biology processes, makes the immune system accessible at the deepest level.  

We use our platform as a data-driven, biomarkers, diagnostic and clinical-product developments engine applied to almost any disease with immune components.

Experts of deep
immune phenotyping

One place for all needed expertise. A combination of wet lab and data science with strong academic and clinical network.

Completely integrated
and in-house solution

Total control over experimental and analytical bias, use of the latest technologies in the field.

Multi-omic data analysis
Biomarkers multi-omics data driven, from raw data to results, along with biologist-friendly visualisation and interpretation.