Wet Lab

A crucial prerequisite for a successful omics study is proper data generation.

This can only be achieved by understanding the biological context, and defining the right experimental design (cell population and number, RNA extraction protocol, library types, appropriate number of biological replicates), and an adequate process execution.


From blood or tissue, fresh or frozen, we identify, quantify and monitor immune cell population phenotypes and functions.

Perean biotechnologies flow cytometry platform is an information powerhouse that will reveal valuable insights for research and clinical programs.

At Parean biotechnologies, we leverage the potential of multiparametric flow cytometry, and work with you to deliver both qualitative and quantitative analyses of your samples.

Cell sorting

In bulk or single cell, isolating pure cells populations is instrumental.

With first-class cell sorting services, Parean biotechnologies deliver highly purified cell populations, using standard or custom panels to enrich rare populations.

We guarantee a rigorous approach with the flexibility of customization and reliability needed for research and industrial applications.

Nucleic extraction

Parean biotechnologies provides nucleic acid extraction as part of a project, or as a standalone service.

Parean biotechnology take over your fixed or fresh samples. We deliver a high quality extraction.

We can use these extracted materials in a downstream NGS application. 


Whole or targeted, transcriptomic provides insight on your scientific questions, such as biological mechanisms, therapeutic predictive biomarkers response and human disease physiopathology.

Our high-resolution RNA-seq pipeline enables complete cell function investigation, with accuracy and high sensitivity.

Combined with cell sorting, your RNA-seq library will contain all needed information to study cell populations functionality, and support biomarkers development.

Immune repertoire

Immune repertoire profiling experiments holds tremendous promise as a diagnostic or treatment.

Parean biotechnologies is expert on TCR and BCR, with high precision. Combined with our cell sorting expertise, you will be able to investigate the immune repertoire of any immune cell species.

Our ability to obtain comprehensive landscape of immune repertoires will accelerate the development of your biomarkers and therapeutic solutions.

Single cell

Parean biotechnologies is a reliable European company to provide a fully integrated service for immune omics analysis at the single-cell level. We master 10x Genomics’ best practices on the Chromium controller microfluidic technology.

Our suite of Chromium Single Cell products can capture molecular readouts of cell activity, in multiple dimensions, including gene expression, cell surface proteins, immune clonotype, antigen specificity, and chromatin accessibility.