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January 1, 2024

10x Genomics Certification: Single Cell Immune Profiling

Parean Biotechnologies


Parean Biotechnologies is proud to announce its certification for the single-cell immune profiling protocol, as part of the Certified Service Provider program, by 10x Genomics©.


Parean is the only french fully private company certified by 10x Genomics

Fewerr than 10 European private service providers hold this certification for single-cell immune profiling by 10x Genomics and are members of the Certified Supplier Program.

Parean stands out as one of the very European service providers equipped to seamlessly integrate inhouse cytometry and advanced cell sorting, with a comprehensive suite of single cell omics protocols, wet labs and datascience (gene expression analysis, paired TCR and BCR analysis, cell surface protein and antigen specificity analysis, and scATACseq).


Single-cell protocols play a pivotal role across multiple stages of drug discovery, pre-clinical development, manufacturing, and clinical trials, with a particular emphasis on advancing cell therapies. These protocols are indispensable for detecting, isolating, selecting, and characterizing immune cells or CAR-T cells infused in patients.


Our dedicated team is deeply committed to maintaining cutting-edge wet lab operations, ensuring excellence in executing highly complex single-cell omics protocols.

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