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ISO 9001 Certification 2023

scATACseq Protocol Launch 2024

scCITEseq Protocol Launch 2023

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About Parean Biotechnologies

Cutting edge platform, for biotech and pharma companies

Who we are ?

Parean started in 2020, with the gathering of 3 experts in their field: Marwan, Phuong and Valentin.
Each of them faced the high complexity of leveraging complex biological protocol, the importance of data generation for high quality readouts, and the massive need for an application-focused technological platform.
We strongly believed in both innovation AND impact in daily medical research


  • Be the best service provider in EU:
  • - Client focused organization
  • -10x Certification & ISO 9001
  • - Immunology Experts


  • Launch every quarter a new protocol on:
  • - Flow Cytomery
  • - Omics generation
  • - Data Science & AI


  • Launch Programs and developments on:
  • - Immune Related Diseases
  • - TCR-Based Tools
  • - New Models for discovery

History & Presence

  • 2020

    Wet Labs Design
    Service Portfolio
    Data Science Workflows
    Institutional Support

  • 2021

    Wet Lab & HQ Openings
    Data Science Missions
    Academics Partnerships
    R&D Dossier Submission

  • 2022

    10x Genomics Kick Off
    HORUS Project Kickoff
    Opening office in Paris
    New Data Science Workflows

  • 2023

    ISO 9001 Certification
    MESHCAP R&D program
    CarT Cell Services
    Publications in Major Reviews

  • 2024

    10x Genomics Certification
    UK Market Opening
    Proteomics Analysis
    New AI-Based Tools

Research & Development

  • TCR R&D Phase 1 (2)
  • HORUS EU Project (CMV & Gamma Delata in GvH Renal Transplant (3)
  • MESHCAP (New Lung Cancer Model) (4)
  • 2021
  • 2022
  • 2023
  • 2024
  • 2025
  • 2026
  • ImmunoPeptidoGenomics (1)
  • scATACseq (2)
  • CarT Cell Custom Cell sorting & 10x Genomics (3)
  • Kick off
  • In development
  • Marketed

Our team

Marwan Touati

Chief Executive Officer & co-founder.

PharmD, graduated from ESCP-Europe, Marwan started its career in pharmaceutical industry. Firstly at Sanofi in Balkans as advisor to general management, he joined Ipsen as global strategic planning director, leading five years planning, business development valorisation, and governance. Before creating Parean, he was regional commercial director in France, managing a team of seven hospital sales representative in oncology.

Marwan leads strategy, commercial initiatives, and financing.

Dr Valentin Quiniou

Chief Scientific Officer & co-founder.

PharmD, PhD in Immunology, ex-resident & pathologist at Pitie Salpetriere Hospital, Paris, where he worked for the cell therapies quality control laboratory for clinical programs. He ran research programs on immune repertoire and deep immune phenotyping. He contributed to several research and clinical publications in the field of auto-immune diseases and immuno-oncology, with top tier research teams.

Valentin leads wet lab operations, biomarkers and biology R&D.

Dr Hang-Phuong Pham

Chief Data Officer & co-founder.

M.Sc in Applied Mathematics and Statistics, Ph.D in Computational Biology, Phuong ran academic research programs to developed tools and biostatistics models to study immunosenescence. In parallel, he contributed to multiple publications on multi-omics data analysis, in immunology and in microbiota. Before creating Parean, he was data scientist leader within a biotech company.

Phuong leads data-science operations, statistics and AI R&D

Dr Pierre Barennes

Deputy CSO

Biologist, PhD in Immunology, Pierre spent several years in academic research, to study immune repertoire in different settings. He developed a strong expertise on wet lab experiments based on omics, TCR sequencing, and data science predictive models.

Supports our CSO, single cell bioassays development, and R&D project on new TCR-based tools

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