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October 1, 2023

New collaborative research program in Oncology MESHCAP

Parean Biotechnologies x Biotrial x OSS


Innovative upcoming Preclinical model for small cell lung cancer

3 entities based in Brittany join forces to develop a creative translational model of small cell lung cancer, that combines a controlled microbiota, a human immune system, and tumor cells from patients.

  • puce

    Biotrial, Parean Biotechnologies, and the “Oncogenesis Stress Signaling” laboratory (U1242 INSERM/Université de Rennes) located in Brittany are collaborating to develop a new preclinical model for small cell lung cancer. This 3-year project, named MESHCAP, aims to create an innovative model of small cell lung cancer that combines a controlled microbiota, a human immune system, and tumor cells from patients.

  • puce

    Lung cancer is one of the world’s most deadly cancers, with a five-year survival rate of only 15%. Immunotherapies, which seek to boost the immune system’s ability to target cancer cells, have shown promising results in treating various cancers. In addition, the composition of the gut microbiota has been shown to influence the effectiveness of immunotherapy. It is now widely accepted in the scientific community that the gut microbiota is essential for a variety of functions and plays a crucial role in modulating immune responses.

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    Thus, gut microbiota is a new parameter to be considered when developing new therapeutical strategies in the cancer field. The MESHCAP preclinical project will enable researchers to control and study the influence of microbiota on immune responses fighting tumor progression. By considering the interactions between the microbiota, the immune system, and cancer cells, this project will lead to the development of more reliable, reproducible, relevant and thus, more effective immunotherapy strategies for cancer treatments.

  • puce

    This unique initiative aims to develop a new model in preclinical phases, for small cells lung cancer, desperately in need for innovation. This program is the 3rd R&D project launched since inception 3 years ago, and meet all our strategic objectives:
    – Position Parean Biotechnologies wetlabs and datascience in immunology, applied to oncology, auto-immune disease and neurology,
    – Develop new innovative tools for preclinical & clinical research,
    – Build up innovative partnerships with CRO and Academic Research Teams.

  • puce

    “This new innovative preclinical model, first of its kind, will last 3 years, and hopefully provide an instrumental tool for new therapies development. We are proud to collaborate with renowned teams from Biotrial, and OSS (INSERM, Rennes University), and honoured to get the support from regional and local institutions.” Dr Valentin QUINIOU, CSO Parean Biotechnologies.

  • puce

    This project is funded by France 2030, Région Bretagne and Saint-Malo agglomeration. This project is supported by Biotech Santé Bretagne and Atlanpole Biotherapies.


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