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Spatial Omics, Peptidogenomics, Microbiota, Immunopeptidomics, RTqPCR, ELISA

Spatial Omics

Spatial transcriptomics have been instrumental for several discovery programs.

Following multiple requests, we can process such data sets, and hence support your programs.

Specific Multiomics

Few suppliers and technologies emerged to scale up multi omics data generation and analysis, such as genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, ..


As a customer focused company, we accelerated the development of specific pipelines, for Tapetri data or research on immunopeptidogenomics (mass spec proteomics + transcriptomics).

Various Data Sets

Many immune related topics and immune oncology requires bioassays and analysis from various technologies.


We are able to process and support your data science activities, such as: Flow Cytometry datasets, RTqPCR, Microbiota, ELISA, Cytokines, …

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