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July 1, 2024

Faecalibaterium prausnitzii strain EXL01 boosts efficacy of immune checkpoint inhibitors

OncoImmunology - 2024



Authors: Marius Bredon, Camille Danne, Hang Phuong Pham, Pauline Ruffié, Alban Bessede, Nathalie Rolhion, Laura Creusot, Loic Brot, Iria Alonso, Philippe Langella, Lisa Derosa, Alexis B. Cortot, Bertrand Routy, Laurence Zitvogel, Nicola Segata & Harry Sokol.

  • puce

    Gut microbiota impacts responses to immune checkpoint inhibitors (ICI). A high level of Faecalibacterium prausnitzii have been associated with a positive response to ICI in multiple cancer types.

  • puce

    Here, based on fecal shotgun metagenomics data, we show in two independent cohorts of patients with non-small cell lung cancer and advanced melanoma that a high level of F. prausnitzii at baseline is positively associated with a better clinical response to ICI.

  • puce

    In MCA205 tumor-bearing mice, administration of F. prausnitzii strain EXL01, already in clinical development for Inflammatory Bowel Disease, restores the anti-tumor response to ICI in the context of antibiotic-induced microbiota perturbation at clinical and tumor transcriptomics level.

  • puce

    In vitro, EXL01 strain enhances T cell activation in the presence of ICI. Interestingly, oral administration of EXL01 strain did not induce any change in fecal microbiota diversity or composition, suggesting a direct effect on immune cells in the small intestine. F. prausnitzii strain EXL01 will be evaluated as an adjuvant to ICI in multiple cancers in the near future.

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