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November 1, 2022

Parean joins the 24 partners of HORUS Project Research, dedicated to immune response in CMV patients

Parean Biotechnologies

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    Parean joined the 23 partners consortium HORUS, dedicated to Renal transplantation, immune response to CMV and gamma delta T cells. This recently approved 7+ Million Euros project, funded by EU H2021, aims to develop new biomarkers and treatments, to improve organ transplantation followup, and assess immune response to CMV in transplanted patients.

    Parean applied for funding with 16 academic and clinical teams, from 9 European countries, under the leadership of University of Bordeaux, Hannah Kaminski from Julie Dechanet-Merville’s Team. Parean will lead data analysis and data integration, generated during this 5-year project, using its cutting-edge datascience knowhow and tools, and deep expertise in immunology.

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    “This a a great milestone achieved for Parean with this EU funded project, aligned with most of Parean strategic priorities:
    – Extend our visibility on our immune expertise
    – Pursue our work with top tier academic teams in France and EU
    – Amplify our missions with biotech
    – Prepare the future of our internal immune R&D programs” Marwan TOUATI, CEO Parean Biotechnologies.

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    The HORUS project unites solid organ transplantation (SOT) experts, computational data scientists, virologists and immunologists in a fully operating European network consisting of 24 partners. SOT is the optimal treatment for end-stage organ failure. However, the immunosuppressive drugs used to prevent graft rejection increase the risk of opportunistic infections. Among these infections, cytomegalovirus (CMV) leads to the most frequent morbidity, and can lead to mortality.

  • puce

    The ambitious but realistic goal of HORUS is to improve our understanding of CMV/host interactions in the context of immunosuppression, with a particular focus on: The characterisation of signatures associated with the control of CMV replication after transplantation, The characterisation of signatures associated with evolution toward a difficult-to-treat CMV disease and poor outcome during CMV replication, The discovery of new specific immunomodulatory molecules promoting CMV control while maintaining the prevention of acute rejection

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