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September 1, 2016

A unique CD8+ T lymphocyte signature in pediatric type 1 diabetes

Journal of Autoimmunity - 2016



Authors: Yamina Hamel, François-Xavier Mauvais, Hang-Phuong Pham, Roland Kratzer, Christophe Marchi, Émilie Barilleau, Emmanuelle Waeckel-Enée, Jean-Baptiste Arnoux, Agnès Hartemann, Corinne Cordier, Jerome Mégret, Benedita Rocha, Pascale de Lonlay, Jacques Beltrand, Adrien Six, Jean-Jacques Robert, Peter van Endert.

  • puce

    Human type 1 diabetes results from a destructive auto-reactive immune response in which CD8+ T lymphocytes play a critical role. Given the intense ongoing efforts to develop immune intervention to prevent and/or cure the disease, biomarkers suitable for prediction of disease risk and progress, as well as for monitoring of immunotherapy are required.

  • puce

    We undertook separate multi-parameter analyses of single naïve and activated/memory CD8+ T lymphocytes from pediatric and adult patients, with the objective of identifying cellular profiles associated with onset of type 1 diabetes. We observe global perturbations in gene and protein expression and in the abundance of T cell populations characterizing pediatric but not adult patients, relative to age-matched healthy individuals. Pediatric diabetes is associated with a unique population of CD8+ T lymphocytes co-expressing effector (perforin, granzyme B) and regulatory (transforming growth factor β, interleukin-10 receptor) molecules.

  • puce

    This population persists after metabolic normalization and is especially abundant in children with high titers of auto-antibodies to glutamic acid decarboxylase and with elevated HbA1c values. These findings highlight striking differences between pediatric and adult type 1 diabetes, indicate prolonged large-scale perturbations in the CD8+ T cell compartment in the former, and suggest that CD8+CD45RA− T cells co-expressing effector and regulatory factors are of interest as biomarkers in pediatric type 1 diabetes.

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