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Bulk RNA & Repertoire Sequencing

Whole or Targeted Trancriptomics, small RNA, and TCR & BCR

Bulk sequencing provides an exhaustive view of  gene expression, in a robust and cost effective manner. Such protocol enables such instance High-throughput Analysis, target identification, or understanding of drug response.

Immune repertoire sequencing helps us to understand immune cells response to antigens from tumor, viruses and vaccine. At Parean, you get access by default to alpha and beta chains, 10+ years of experience for our team, and dedicated data sciences workflows if needed.


Objectives: Pathway discovery, gene expression analysis, immune repertoire analysis, clonotypes identification, splicing variants identification…


Starting Material: Fresh, frozen of FFPE samples, from Organ, tumor, Blood and cell suspension.


Whole and Targeted Transcriptomics RNAseq

Identify differential gene expression patterns between diseased and healthy tissues to highlight potential therapeutic targets.


Outcomes …


Identification of differentially expressed genes between experimental conditions (diseased VS healthy tissues, treated VS untreated cells).

Pathway analysis to elucidate biological processes dysregulated in disease.

Discovery of novel gene isoforms or splice variants associated with disease.

Potential identification of biomarkers for disease diagnosis, prognosis, or treatment response.


Small Transcriptomics microRNA

Investigate the regulatory role of microRNAs in disease pathogenesis to identify new therapeutic development.


Outcomes …


Identification of dysregulated microRNAs associated with disease states.

Prediction of target genes regulated by dysregulated microRNAs.

Insight into the regulatory networks controlled by microRNAs in disease pathways.

Potential identification of microRNA-based biomarkers for disease diagnosis or prognosis.

Exploration of therapeutic targets to restore normal microRNA expression levels or activity.


Immune Repertoire TCRseq & BCRseq

At Parean, you get access by default to alpha and beta chains, 10+ years of experience for our team, and dedicated data sciences workflows if needed.


You can identify immune cell receptors such as ab T cell receptor, gd T cell receptor, B cell receptor (IgG, IgM H/K/L) and antigen-specific cell sequencing for B and T cells.


Outcomes …


Gene segment usage, somatic hypermutation (SHM), clonotype diversity metrics, clonal expansion analysis, and repertoire overlap.


Understanding of clonal dynamics and antigen-specificity profiling, to characterizatize antigen-specific responses and track immune cell dynamics.


Epitope prediction and biomarker discovery, to predict treatment response.

A robust protocol

Parean’s immune repertoire protocol is one of the best protocol applied 


Check out this paper to see how to compare the existing protocols, published in nature biotech !

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Bulk or Single Cell

If you're still struggling to choose between bulk or single cell protocol, we sum up here key advantages of each technology

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