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Cytometry & Cell sorting

Immune & Tumor cell phenotyping, and sorting of cell subpopulation

Flow cytometry and cell sorting are powerful tools, and provide valuable insights. However, mastering standard and custom panels, dedicated to immune cells, is a massive challenge to secure a proper gating strategy. We are one of the very few experts in EU combining cytometry and cell sorting with NGS libraries preparation and sequencing.  This offer a tremendous advantages to researchers to isolate and purified specific cell population, increase sensivity, and integrate various omics in downstream readouts.


Objectives: immune phenotyping, cell cycle or proliferation analysis, purification of specific and are cells, streamlining of NGS sequencing


Starting material: Fresh or frozen samples, from Organ, tumor, Blood and cell suspension.

Flow Cytometry using Standard & Tailored Panels

Standard immunophenotyping: T cell (T cell, Treg, Th); B cell; DCs, monocytes & NK cells; Cell viability & apoptosis assays.


Advanced immunophenotyping: Antigen specific cells; Intracellular staining; Rare cell phenotyping; Cytokine.


Custom immunophenotyping: Tailored panels and Specific staining solution.


Cell Sorting of specific or rare subpopulation, directly used for single cell sequencing


Examples of standard panels: 

Examples of standard panels

Live/Dead and CD3

T cells: CD4, CD8, CCR7, CD45RA, CD38, HLA-DR.
T reg cells: CD4, CD25, CD127, CCR4, HLA-DR, CD45RO, Foxp3.
T helper: CD4, CD8, CXCR3, CCR6, CD38, HLA-DR.
B cells: CD24, CD19, CD27, CD38, CD20, IgD.
Myeloid cells: CD11b, CD11c, CD14, CD16, CD33, CD123, PD-L1, HLA-DR.

Technologies & Equipments

Specific Panel using

Strong reagents manufacturers selection process, and long term partnerships with suppliers to secure batch effect monitoring


Equipment FACS BD Melody

3 lasers, up to 9 colors, 4-ways cell sorting, 4°C temperature controlled processing.


Under Safety Station

Bulk or Single Cell

If you're still struggling to choose between bulk or single cell protocol, we sum up here key advantages of each technology

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