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Single-cell NGS sequencing

Transcriptomics, Cell surface Proteins, TCR & BCR, and Epigenetics


Single-cell sequencing technology provides a detailed view into the molecular landscape of individual cells. By isolating and analyzing the genetic material from single-cells, this innovative technique unveils cellular heterogeneity and their unique molecular profiles.

From dissecting complex tissue structures to elucidating disease mechanisms, single-cell sequencing empowers researchers to explore cellular dynamics with unprecedented precision.


Objectives: Resolution of cellular heterogeneity, Discovery of rare cell types and cell state profiling, Cell lineage tracing, Epigenetics insights; cell & gene therapies QC …


Starting material: Fresh or frozen samples, from Organ, tumor, Blood and cell suspension.

Gene Expression scRNAseq

Explore cell gene expression and identify specific pathway, at cell level.


Protein Expression  scCITEseq

Explore and correlate gene expression with cell surface proteins, all in once bioassay.

Single-cell Gene Expression


  • Enables Cell type identification,
  • Differential gene expression analysis,
  • Pseudotime analysis,
  •  Clustering and Cell-cell communication,
  • Gene regulatory network inference,
  • Identification of marker genes.



Protein Expression


  • Combines scRNA-seq with single-cell protein expression profiling,
  • Provides insights into cellular heterogeneity and function and reveal dynamic cellular states with high precision,
  • Up to 150 proteins detected on each cells.

Immune Profiling scTCRseq / scBCRseq

Explore T & B cells receptor heterogeneity within your sample


Antigen Specificity scCITEseq 

Study and identify new Ag, their specificity and heterogeneity within your sample

Single-cell immune profiling

 scTCRseq / scBCRseq

  • Allows T-cell & B-cell clonotype analysis,
  • Assess response to Antigens,
  • Identification of TILs and Immune Repertoire Diversity.



Single-cell Antigen Specificity


  • Integrates single-cell immune profiling with single-cell antigen specificity profiling,
  • Identifies cellular responses to specific antigens with high resolution,
  • Offers insight into immune cell heterogeneity and function,
  • Enhances understanding of immune responses in health and disease.

Epigenetics scATACseq

Explore how chromatin accessibility is impacting transcription factors and gene expression


Multiomics Single-cell Multi-omics

Combined several omics libraries, go beyond regular profiling and optimize your budget


scATACseq (single-cell Chromatin accessibility)

  • Allows Chromatin accessibility profiling,
  • Identification of regulatory elements and cell type-specific regulatory regions,
  • Inference of transcription factor binding and Integration with scRNAseq,
  • Cell state characterization.




Single cell Multi-omics

Our select list of single cell libraries can be integrated and hence leverage various readouts within a single experiment, to reveal comprehensive molecular picture of individual cells.

Reach out to use our standard or custom protocols, and get simultaneous profiling of genomics, transcriptomics, epigenomics, and more.

Bulk or Single Cell

If you're still struggling to choose between bulk or single cell protocol, we sum up here key advantages of each technology

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