Our expertise: the Immune system

By combining two expertises: immunology and datascience, we provide an effective immune data-first approach.

The immune system is both a diagnostic and a treatment tool. The latter embeds the story of the diseases you previously had, those you are fighting against and those for which you are equipped to defeat.

Parean biotechnologies is here to help decipher these immune informations.

Every research development programs that we develop with you are driven by a “data-first” approach. Data-first transforms the way to think an experiment, hence data becomes an asset rather than a challenge. Data-first provides the visibility that is necessary to operate effectively on a global scale and to be sure that your results are biologically relevant. Data-first empowers insights that can guide every facet of research program, from biomarker identification, signature, target, to patient stratification.

High degree of complexity

Highly evolutive, many cellular types, strong genomic diversity.

Generation of big data

Need to master wet lab and data generation in the immunology field

Precision medicine

Use omics data for Biomarkers & signatures identification.