Who we are

Pioneers in immune omics analysis, founded on an academic expertise, Parean biotechnologies is the first reliable European company to provide a fully integrated service for immunology and omics analysis.

Parean biotechnologies proposes cutting edge technologies, constantly develops new applications and integrates disruptive processes.

By combining a wetlab and datascience department dedicated to immunology, for both data generation and analysis, Parean biotechnologies enables researchers to decode the immune system at different levels in the same assay.

Our single cell service, in close partnership with 10X genomics, is specifically designed to investigate paired T and B cells specific receptors, their functions and their specificities. With both cell proteome and transcriptome, single cell process leverages the results of your experiment to the next level of science.

Parean biotechnologies is a scientific team, helping you adressing your research goals. As an European company, we secure your data, raw or processed, and guarantee your IP. Our passion for discovery and our excitement in what we do, makes us an agile partner for your research and development projects.


Marwan Touati, chief executive officer & co-founder.

PharmD, graduated from ESCP-Europe, Marwan started its career in pharmaceutical industry. Firstly at Sanofi in Balkans as advisor to general management, he joined Ipsen as global strategic planning director, leading five years planning, business development valorisation, and governance. Before creating Parean, he was regional commercial director in France, managing a team of seven hospital sales representative in oncology.

Marwan leads strategy, commercial initiatives, and financing.

Dr Valentin Quiniou, chief scientific officer & co-founder.

PharmD, PhD in Immunology, ex-resident & pathologist at Pitie Salpetriere Hospital, Paris, where he worked for the cell therapies quality control laboratory for clinical programs. He ran research programs on immune repertoire and deep immune phenotyping. He contributed to several research and clinical publications in the field of auto-immune diseases and immuno-oncology, with top tier research teams.

Valentin leads wet lab operations, biomarkers and biology R&D.

Dr Hang-Phuong Pham, chief data officer & co-founder.

M.Sc in Applied Mathematics and Statistics, Ph.D in Computational Biology, Phuong ran academic research programs to developed tools and biostatistics models to study immunosenescence. In parallel, he contributed to multiple publications on multi-omics data analysis, in immunology and in microbiota. Before creating Parean, he was data scientist leader within a biotech company.

Phuong leads data-science operations, statistics and AI R&D.


Pr Harry Sokol

Top tier gastro-enterologist in France, clinician at Saint-Antoine Hospital, APHP, researcher at Sorbonne University, Pr Sokol is an expert in inflammatory bowel diseases and gut microbiota fields. As a pionner, he ran and advised various clinical studies using multi-omics data generation and integration.

Dr Claude Bernard

Head pharmacist for the établissement pharmaceutique de l’Assistance Publique des Hôpitaux de Paris, expert in hospital pharmaceutical operations, Claude Bernard has also set up and supervised several clinical trials. One of his roles is to guarantee that experiments are run properly, in compliance with laboratory standards.

Alexis Vandier

Alexis Vandier gained 20+ year of experience at Sanofi and Ipsen. He is as well board secretary at LEEM. His background includes senior roles in Strategy, BD, Marketing and General Management. He is now Global Asset Leader in Oncology at Ipsen.


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